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Why we love Club Med - Pt. 1

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

My first experience with Club Med was via a sponsored trip. Yup, I said it but what better way for an advisor to get first-hand experience than through a golden carrot? It's genius and I'm glad I responded to the offer.

You see, when I made the announcement to some of my travel advisor colleagues my excitement was met with a number of responses. Most felt the properties were not modern enough and due for major renovations, while others strongly felt the brand was not appealing to American travelers and not worth the invested time. I could indeed understand the latter concern, if we could call it that, because ssshh on my reality that none of my clients had requested the brand, my closest family and friends thought it was a retreat spot for Medical professionals, and to top it off, I had no real answer to WHY CLUB MED, even after my training.

Punta Cana Location
Zen Oasis - Adult only section

Never to worry, I took one for the team and sacrificed 4-days in the Caribbean. Simply grueling. Afterall, I'm fully devoted to ensuring you have the best experience available for your cash money.

From the moment I arrived, I knew this was going to be a different vibe. We were greeted with smiles, offered a refreshing drink, cool hand towel, and were relieved of our bags. Quick scope of the place, my first thought was "how aesthetically underwhelming", and it remained my thought throughout my walk-through of the property. But that mattered not because I'm now a full subscriber/ Med'er and here are my top 5 reasons why...

Mamajuana (or "mama juana") is the native spiced rum of the Dominican Republic.
Welcome gift - Mamajuana
  1. Club Med is truly a Club - listen when I tell you they have their own anthem and line dance and true Med'ers live for it. LIVE for it. I had so much fun people watching and trying to sing and dance along.

  2. Inclusion - if you didn't know, Club Med is a European brand. They do a fantastic job blending their identity with the local culture, traditions, and aesthetics, as well as making everyone from around the globe feel welcomed and celebrated.

  3. L'Occitane Spa - I have been to plenty of spas but each visit to a Club Med L'Occitane spa I am handing out marriage proposals. Whether it be the products, which I love, or the pure skill of the staff, it's one of the best spa experiences I have had at an all-inclusive resort.

  4. Besties in G.O.'s & G.E.'s - there are no strangers at Club Med. The G.O. (staff) will go out of their way to make small talk with you, join you for a meal, and invite you to join them in the party. If you're happy, they're happy. It's easy to forget there are folks truly invested in you having a fantastic time and getting the most out of your holiday. Besides, happy vacationers become loyal vacationers.

  5. Family friendly Camp - Club Med by day is like camp for everyone (if you can remember). Families may do activities together or not. I'm a huge fan of sailing and flying trapeze. Had they not been included in my experience, I would not have given it a go. If activities are your jam, then Club Med is your, tennis, skiing, pickleball, sailing, archery, YOU NAME IT, are all part of your all-inclusive package.

Now, why was the aesthetically underwhelming of no consequence? It's because the overall feeling I got during my stay is that I matter, this is my home and I can just BE without any fuss (unless I want to bring my own fuss). It's like living in the day when (real)Loungewear was ok attire to wear throughout a hotel or vacation spot? I feel like you can at Club Med without any side-eye given.

Should you vacation at Club Med, absolutely. If you're not yet convinced, that's ok just subscribe to our blog for more content.

Stay tuned...

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