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Faith-Based Travel 

Pilgrimages and faith-based tours are uniquely positioned forms of travel. In our experience, the difference between someone visiting a sacred location "In the steps of..." and embarking on a spiritual journey resides in whether it is a shared experience with leadership and community or a solo journey. Ministries that travel together build and strengthen bonds that last a lifetime.  

Unpacking Israel

Please take a moment to read the blog post of Amber Marie, The Introvert Group Traveler. She shares her journey to Israel and the unpacking process. Guaranteed it's worth reading whether you are strong in your faith, uncertain, or searching for reasons to reconnect or disconnect with God or your church community. 

Image by Jorge Fernández Salas

5 Benefits of Ministry Travel

  • Encourages understanding of other cultures and religions. 

  • Brings the bible to life by offering real points of reference, i.e. hands on learning. 

  • Strengthens community and connection to each other and the location. (Read blog post)

  • Nurtures a new or enhanced appreciation for life, heritage, and church roots. 

  • Provides opportunity to teach as Christ did his disciples; guaranteed questions and new curiosities will present themselves. 

Image by Lewis J Goetz

How we can help

  • Planning and negotiating - we recommend 16 - 18 months.

  • Payment plans and management- including donation/fundraiser sites per traveler.

  • Facilitate virtual travel parties or information sessions ~ addressing the unknown for first-time international travelers and nervous travelers.

  • Travel logistics - we'll handle all travel logistic pre-departure, during travel, and upon return. 

  • Special treats - have something special in mind to give or arrange for your travel group? Just let us know what it is, if it's shall be done. 

Image by Abdullah Öğük
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