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Upon Angels - A sexy Boutique Stay

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Incorporating a concept or boutique hotel into our clients' itinerary is a heartfelt gesture that exemplifies our commitment to their travel experience. It's about elevating their journey, making it exceptionally unique and unforgettable.

During our stay in the captivating city of Lisbon, Portugal we stayed at Upon Angels.

Located in the Intendente & Anjos neighborhood of Lisboa, which appears to be up-and-coming. I think it's key to note that we felt extremely safe. There were restaurants, convenient stores, laundry, a hostel and another boutique hotel all within a 1 - 2 skip. The location was also a skip away from a Tram stop and the Metro (Intendente stop).

This hotel consists of 46 uniquely designed rooms of which 3 are suites. There's no pool but there is an oversized Jacuzzi tub in the garden. It was not hot enough for us to jump in but we appreciated watching others take the brave plunge, experiencing the jets and playing with the rubber duckies.

We immediately fell in love with the attention to detail and the heavy doors. The follow-through with the Adult-only concept was not only exquisitely executed, it was classy and timeless. Since I'm not a designer or an architect, I won't attempt to comment on the period or what influenced the design but I will say...if you saw my home bathroom renovation and this hotel you would immediately understand why this place resonates with me.

Let the photos speak for themselves but know that I wanted to touch everything and I did lol. Our room was equipped with drinking glasses, plates, flatware, refrigerator, microwave, robes, slippers, coffee and tea maker, still water, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Toys, lube, and prophylactics are BYO but in the meantime the Kamasutra book and soaking tub is there to offer inspiration.

Daily Delights

  • Breakfast - was an unexpected treat and experience we highly recommend. We were provided enough food to get two greedy people through lunch. The offerings were plentiful. Breakfast was delivered directly to our room by 8:30am (you may request breakfast delivery as early as 8:15am and as late as, I believe, 11am) and what we received was two (real) cups of coffee and a picnic basket with a handwritten inspirational note, a carafe of juice, a fruit tray, a hot food try, pastries and yogurt with granola.

  • Staff - Perhaps it's just Portugal but small talk is a thing and a thing they do well. Here in the states, small talk is often followed by some gesture that let's you know it was indeed time wasted. The staff, in spite of a small hiccup, were genuinely interested in us and committed to making our stay a happy one.

  • Housekeeping - to our joy, housekeeping came later in the day which allowed for us to go back to sleep following breakfast and enjoy breakfast for lunch without interrupting their flow.

  • Special events - on our last night was movie night in the garden. When we returned to our room we were greeted with a Thank you note and two bottles of Portuguese wine.

Ideal Traveler

We believe the property advertises that they are ideal for couples and girl trips. I would however only recommend this property for couples or partnered folk. This is indeed a personal preference, I do not believe in sharing a bed with another I am not sexing or otherwise did not give birth to. Since the beds are full-sized beds, there will be no sharing of a room with my bestie. Sorry not sorry.

Furthermore, this property excited my senses in a way I only wanted to share those moments with my partner. If you're visiting Portugal with your lover and need inspiration to ignite the romance, you need to stay at Upon Angels.

This is the perfect property for a small group interested in (a) hotel-buy out, (b) Couples or Lovers retreat/getaway in Lisboa, or for a small group of individuals interested in (c) wellness and self love. This property and Lisboa is an ideal place to tap into self-love and better living.


4 - stars

Although our overall experience deserves a full 5-stars, we're giving this young property 4-stars for the following reasons.

  1. It's a fairly new property, only been open for approximately 4 months. I personally don't believe there's enough time for the overall tried and true to the overall experience.

  2. The bathrobes were not one-size fits most. This was my first time wearing a hotel bathrobe and having a dividing line. My note to management was American's come with larger meat suits, one size up should accommodate most of us.

  3. The beautiful bar/lounge did not have a mixologist on staff. Its my personal opinion that the space deserves a mixologist. Based on my conversation with Management, this will be an experience for the future. If there are any masterful mixologist out there with an interest in Portugal, you might want to reach out to StayUpon - a training/consulting opportunity might be on the horizon.

If you're interested in visiting Portugal and staying at this hotel Contact US!

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