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Resort Selection Demystified: Finding Your Ideal Destination

Warning, this is an opinion piece.

This past Sunday marked a fantastic milestone for us as we made our debut at the Wedding Expo in Pittsburgh as a proud vendor. We had an absolute blast engaging with all the wonderful couples and their families, discussing their exciting plans for their upcoming weddings, honeymoons, and travel adventures.

One question that seemed to pop up repeatedly during our conversations was, "Which resort or island do you recommend?" It's a perfectly valid query, but addressing it off the cuff can be a bit tricky, given the depth and complexity of finding the perfect destination for your unique needs. Our role is all about matching you with the ideal location that aligns seamlessly with your expectations, budget, and personal vacation style.

Now, you might be wondering, why don't we just add every brand or supplier to our list of options? Well, that's a valid point, and we appreciate your curiosity. The reality is that we have carefully curated our inventory of suppliers for a couple of essential reasons:

  1. Expertise: It's virtually impossible for us to be well-versed in every brand and destination out there. To provide the best service, we focus on a select group of suppliers that we truly know inside and out.

  2. Alignment: We take our partnerships seriously. We choose to collaborate primarily with brands and suppliers who share our values and priorities. These are companies that genuinely value their travel agent partners, demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental, social, and economic responsibility, and consistently deliver top-notch service to their clients. This way, we can stand proudly behind the recommendations we make, knowing that they are aligned with our core principles.

So, while we may not have a one-size-fits-all answer to the "best" resort or island, you can rest assured that our recommendations are tailored to your individual desires and expectations. We're here to guide you through the exciting world of wedding planning and travel, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Certainly, let's delve into some of the top resort brands that were frequently inquired about during the Wedding Expo. Here's a closer look at these five popular resort brands:

Royalton Resorts:

  • Royalton Resorts are what we like to call the perfect blend brand. They excel in maintaining a consistent sense of harmony and synergy at each of their locations. When you stay at a Royalton resort, you can expect a touch of luxury, sleek and clean design, exceptional dining options, romantic accommodations, and just the right amount of entertainment to cater to guests of all ages.

  • One notable exception is the Mystique by Royalton, which offers a more unique and tailored experience. Royalton Resorts are typically our top recommendation for couples, families, and groups who prioritize relaxation and pampering over the party scene.

  • The average age of travelers to Royalton Resorts in our clientele tends to fall within the range of 30 to 55 years old.

Breathless Resorts:

  • Breathless Resorts are the epitome of vibrant, lively, and adult-oriented vacation experiences. These resorts are perfect for those seeking a lively atmosphere, featuring exciting entertainment, vibrant nightlife, and a youthful energy that keeps the fun going well into the night. They are designed to cater to adults and couples looking for an exhilarating escape.

  • One aspect of note is that we do have some reservations about the brand's ability to consistently uphold their quality standards across all their locations.

  • The average age of travelers to or inquiring about Breathless Resorts in our clientele tends to fall within the range of 25 to 40 years old.

RIU Resorts:

  • RIU Resorts have established a well-earned reputation for their lively parties and delivering exceptional value. While they promote themselves as a luxury 4 to 5-star resort brand, we respectfully hold a different perspective. In our humble opinion, RIU Resorts solidly earn a 4-star rating.

  • The opportunity missed with this resort brand is most of our clients are unaware they are located across the globe including Europe, Africa, and Asia.

  • We tend to recommend RIU to out family travelers, first time out of the country travelers and those looking to live their best life (aka party without regret).

ClubMed Resorts:

  • ClubMed Resorts are the original trailblazers of the all-inclusive experience. While they may have taken a few punches to their reputation over the years by not always keeping up with market trends, they're like the Rocky Balboa of the travel world - resilient and ready for a comeback. These resorts span the globe, with fantastic destinations in Morocco, Greece, Thailand, Japan, and many more.

  • We're excited about this brand because they're all about carefree relaxation, the chance to dip your toes into new sports, relishing delicious cuisine, and fostering a sense of community among travelers. One of ClubMed's star qualities is they offer entry level classes to a wide range of sports, from archery to skiing, without compromising on the premium experience. It's like being at a high-end camp!

  • We recommend this brand to active families and travelers of all ages.

Iberostar Resorts:

  • Iberostar Resorts offer a diverse range of options, from family-friendly resorts with kids' clubs and family suites to adults-only properties that focus on romance and relaxation.

  • The atmosphere is more tranquil, serene, and slower paced.

  • We tend to recommend this brand to groups, couples, and travelers who are more easy going, laid back, and mature. The ideal vacation for them includes as much sun lounging, beach life, and butler level service as possible.

Each of these resort brands has its unique charm and appeals to different types of travelers. At our agency, we're here to help you explore and select the brand that aligns best with your specific preferences and desires, ensuring that your vacation experience is everything you've dreamed of and more. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized recommendations and expert guidance on your journey to the perfect destination.

P.S. --->Pre Black Friday sales just came us to for the 411.

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